Detective Comics #1015 review

by Wes Greer on November 13, 2019

Writer – Peter J. Tomasi
Art – Doug Mahnke & Jose Luis
Ink – Christian Alamy, Keith Champagne, Mark Irwin & Matt Santorelli
Colors – David Baron
Publisher – DC Comics
Release Date – 11/13/2019

  The last few months, I have really enjoyed Detective Comics. It’s been a refreshing break from Tom King’s Batman run but it is great that it exists in the same world as it at the same time. It does confuse me a little bit with the difference in time since all the events currently in Detective Comics occur before the events in Batman #77, but I’ve come to terms with events all happening out of whack with DC publications ever since the mess of Infinite Crisis and Flashpoint. Feels more like Super Boy power punched our brains instead of the timeline.

 This issue continues the saga of Me. Freeze and his newly thawed wife Nora and man, talk about a dysfunctional relationship. I also felt like if Victor was able to thaw Nora, she would want nothing to do with what he has become and at the least talk him out of his crimes and they would run away into the sunset together, or the Arctic. Last issue we saw Nora becoming a villain in her own sense and the internal battle she was dealing with with her feelings toward Victor. She decided to stick it out with him though and they worked together to try and move on into retirement. In this issue, she starts to resent Victor again and decides to act out of resentment of him. Mr. Freeze’s motivation for everything he has done has always been Nora so now we see how far he will go when she goes the other way. Batman, Alfred, and Lucius also continue their work to try to save the women that fell victim to Victors experiments and it all comes full circle in this issue. It also makes me so happy to see Alfred wearing his Flash mask to conceal his identity from the victims, just incase they can see him. I think that was a genius idea by the creative team and adds a flair of fun to the story. I’m used to seeing Alfred wear his little Kato style mask when he wants to hide his identity and I’m glad they got more creative this time around. This issue also is being released with an acetate cover, as well as a card stock Variant.

The story is fantastic in this issue and the story comes full circle. The art of this issue is great, but there were a few things that bugged me and they were very obvious flaws. Usually you see that happen in an issue like this one because you have two different pencilers, Four different inkers and a colorist and it’s obvious they lacked some communication in this issue. There were some panels where Brice just looked very odd due to shadowing on his face and his expression lines just added to the chaos. There was also a huge issue with Brice having a beard and not having a beard. The beginning panels we see a clean-shaven Bruce and Batman and then later panels we see a scruffy Bruce and Batman. Panels that follow have his face scruffy, then shaved, then scruffy again. It isn’t a shuttle issue either, it really stood out to me when I was reading this one and it varies panel to panel. A sign communication was jumbled for this issue. The overall character sketches however are beautiful, and I love the designs used for this issue. Since it is a Mr. Freeze story there is snow everywhere of course and the colors and art are all beautifully rendered to reflect the winter tones and it’s an amazing background for the story.

Overall, I really enjoyed this issue and other then the beard issue, the artwork is truly amazing in this issue. If you have been keeping up with the story, you need to pick this issue up as soon as you can because it really does the rest of the arc justice and really brings things full circle as well as gets you pumped for the next issue with a beautiful full page spread that teases Batman in a very recognizable suit from the animated series, but upgraded and modified for current times.
Detective Comics #1015 is available today so head to your local comic shop or order it from your favorite online retailer. Don’t “freeze” this issue out!

-Wes Greer

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