Justice League #35 Review

by Wes Greer on November 07, 2019

Writers – Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV
Art – Francis Manapul
Colors- Francis Manapul and Hi-Fi
Release – 11/6/19
Cover Price - $3.99

Before I was able to read this issue, I had to go back and start with issue 1 and catch up. I have really been wanting to get into this series for awhile now but with so many other Batman titles out there, I never really had a chance to get into it. This is a series I didn’t plan on reviewing either. There was only one reason I wanted to read it and that reason was the legendary Scott Snyder. I have to be honest, it is tough for me to do a review on anything Scott Snyder does because Ihr id the one writer out there that I fan boy over. His legendary writing of Batman in the New 52 is what really got me back into Batman comics and he just writes pure gold. As such a big fan though, I feel it is my duty to review Justice League and well, it is also my job here on the site.

Justice League #35 fits right into the Year of the Villain. This entire issue. I really felt bad for the Justice League. No matter what they do in this issue to try to stop Lex Luthor and his plans to destroy the multiverse, they just cant get a win. There are so many characters all working together in this one to try and stop Luthor’s plan and there is so much going on but everything in this story flows together and just shows how great the team of Snyder and Tynion IV are together. The name of this issue should just be Lex wins everything! This entire issue is just one thing after another going wrong for the league. Usually I don’t like these kinds of issues where the heroes are just down on their luck the whole time but the creative team just does such a great job keeping the story twisting and making us sympathize with the heroes but at the same time entertained by the bad guys getting the win

I don’t think I have ever read a comic, especially a Justice League story where I was just left in awe like I was with this one. We all really want to rally up behind the League and see them get a win but this issue really deals with just how big this event really is and makes us wonder if the league can even do anything to stop it at this point. There is just so much in this issue and it all works solely due to the creative team behind it. This issue is just a reminder of how amazing the minds of Snyder and Tynion IV truly are.

The artwork for this issue is just as great as the story. The work done by Francis Manupul is just what was needed to bring this story to life visually. When stories deal with the Multiverse, sometimes we see where all the art blends together and is not that different but with this issue Manapul does a great job of making each universe unique but still making it all feel of the same world. All the characters are perfect and the panel work is just on point. I don’t think they could have found a better artist to bring this story alive.  The inking and coloring also stay true to the artwork and there is nothing that bleeds over or takes away from it. One of the better works I have seen in Justice League.

It is really such a shame it took me this long to get into Justice League, but I am glad I did and look forward to seeing how Snyder and Tynion plan to end their series before they both depart the series in December. This series also gives me a lot of hope for when Tynion takes over Batman from current writer Tom King and I can not wait to see what’s next from Snyder. Overall, I highly recommend picking this issue up and you can see for yourself what its like to see the bad guys win. Justice League #35 is on sale now so pick it up at your local comic shop or purchase it from your favorite online retailer.
-Wes Greer

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