Nightwing Annual #2 Review

by Wes Greer on October 30, 2019

Nightwing Annual #2
Writer – Dan Jergens
Artist- Travis Moore
Inker – Nick Filardi
Letters – AndWorld Design

Ah yes, the current mess of a story that is Nightwing. Nightwing has felt like it was taken over by the writers of a soap opera the last year. He has tumbled far down the hill. From being removed as the leader of the titans, to being shot in the head by the KGBeast, to his current situation plagued by amnesia and not knowing who he is, or his own name of all things. What do I even call him? Dick? Ric? Richard? Nightwing? Talon? Huh???? Right now, I wonder if DC even has a plan for him, or if they are just kind of going with it from issue to issue making it up as they go along. It’s such a shame to see such a beloved character really get lost in the shuffle, and I can only pray DC does him jistice and gets him back on top where he belongs.

Nightwing Annual #2 takes us back in time and starts off with his being shot by KGBeast and his hospital stay and events right after. The story is written really well and is one of the better Nightwing issues to be released in the last couple months. I was surprised how much I enjoyed reading this issue. It had some surprise twists and involved The Court of Owls begins the scenes and it reminded me of the Court feeling we got from Scott Snyder in the new 52 where you never know who is going to turn out to be a member of the ancient organization and what their true plans really are. This issue also has a bit of a snapshot into young “Richards” life and details some key events that happened back then to get us to where we are today. Jergens does a great job at keeping us hooked in this issue and did a great job executing the twists and turns in this one. This issue is actually key in helping understand how Dick got to be where he was today, and helps make the current story a bit less frustrating.

One of the most amazing things in this issue is the art. By far some of the most amazing spreads I have ever seen in a Nightwing issue. The beginning works of this book just blew me away. It recaps the event of the shooting of Nightwing, and the art just brings the event to life. The drawing and the colors just pop and dazzle. There is a two page spread in which Batman is standing in the rain, and I just left it open at that spot and started at it. Everything about it was captivating and just left me so giddy inside. I seriously might by a second copy of this book so I can frame some of the panels from this one. That’s how amazing Moore does in this issue. Usually, I am not big on Inkers because a lot of the time they bleed the original pencils, but I have to give credit where it is due here because Nick Filardi does such an amazing job coloring these drawings. He must have really took his time and the amazing dark yet vibrant and bold colors were just a stunning addition to bring life to these drawings. There could not have been a better art team for this issue.

Overall, this issue is really something out of left field, but in a good way for the current Nightwing saga. The story was one that really was needed due to the current state of events to really make sense of things and may be a key turning point to help get Nightwing back on top. The art blows anything of late out of the water as well and this is just a must read issue. It is available today at your local comic shop or your favorite online retailer, as well as available from the DC Digital store and app. I highly suggest you pick this one up if you are a Nightwing fan!

-Wes Greer

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