batman: curse of the white knight book 4 review

by Wes Greer on October 23, 2019

Batman: Curse of the White Knight Book 4

Writer and Artist – Sean Murphy
Inker – Matt Hollingsworth
Release date - October 23, 2019
Cover Price - $4.99
Publisher – DC Comics Black Label

Batman Curse of the White Knight is by far my favorite Batman story line currently being published by DC. When the brains over at DC got together and came up with the idea for DC Black Label, the heavens opened up for us die-hard Batman fans. It is nice to be able to get into stories that are a little more grown up and deal with a lot of darker material which is where Batman really feels at home. As a huge fan of the original White Knight story, I think I jumped up and down when DC announced the follow up.

Book 4 is just another amazing addition to the series. Book 4 jumps right into the dramatic events that ended book 3 where James Gordon is killed by current Azrael J.P. and goes into the unraveling of Barbara Gordon and Batman. Given the current state of things and Batman already wanting to reveal his identity, this event really takes Bruce into a whirlwind of emotion and just makes him even more confused. The story also goes into the aftermath of the grief Barb feels and the irrational decisions she makes which totally defies her stance as Batgirl and her current role at the GTO. We also learn about a secret that Alfred had kept from Bruce and the revelations of it coming to light now.

Having a guy like Sean Murphy who does just about everything for this story truly makes it a gem. Most writers are not able to draw themselves and must rely on the artists to help bring their stories to life. Murphy though is able to transcribe the story he visualizes right onto paper and you can really tell the difference. Having a writer who can draw the story the way he imagined it as he was writing it is what really helps set this story apart from others. The pencils are absolutely stunning, and I cannot find one flaw in the art at all in this book. I also love that Murphy has incorporated other aspects from other Batman universes and brings them all together in his story. It is always a great treat for fans when they see other aspects they know and love from different Batman stories used in a place you would not expect to see it.

Overall, book 4 really holds its own in this series and was a great read. There wasn’t one page where I felt the story was losing me and the build up of events just kept me hooked. Every panel caught my eye and the transitions in the frames were flawless. If you have been a fan of the series so far, you will be happy you picked this one up and the final panel will blow your mind and leave you wanting more and want it now! Curse of the White Knight Book 4 is available now so do yourself a favor and pick it up!

-Wes Greer

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