Batman Superman #3 Review

by Wes Greer on October 23, 2019

Batman / Superman #3

Writer – Joshua Wiliamson
Artist – David Marquez
Release date – October 23, 2019
Cover Price - $3.99
Publisher – DC Comics

Going into this series, I had no real expectations. I have never really been a fan of Batman and Superman teaming up in comics because its usually always the same kind of goofy story telling and a lot of cartoon style art and a very PG dialogue because they are usually aimed at a younger audience and by the styling of this one, I was expecting the same. For this series, I had to go back and pick up issue 1 and 2 to catch up on the current story and familiarize myself with it and I am so glad that I did!

Issue number 3 picks up right where issue 2 left off. Superman has infected himself with The Batman Who Laughs’ poisoned Batarang in an attempt to try and fight off the Joker toxin and go ‘undercover’ to learn The Batman Who Laughs plans for the rest of the Justice League as well as the world. This issue also goes back and tells us how the ever-noble Commissioner Gordon became Infected and how he plays a part of The Batman Who Laughs plans. We also get to see how Bruce Wayne and The Batman Who Laughs really aren’t that different and how they both think alike. In order to defeat him, Bruce realizes he has to start to think like someone other then himself. Given Bruce’s history, we all know how hard it is for him to think outside of himself and this creates its own conflict in the story.

The story of this series so far has been amazing. Continuing The Batman Who Laughs character was a great choice by DC as a lot of fans really loved the original run and the series was a huge success. When something like that works you keep it going right? The writer Joshua Williamson is no rookie over at DC. He has done most of his work writing The Flash but has also done some great work with Batman and The Justice league and his writing style really helps bring this series to life. I have not come across a dull moment yet in this series. I know its only 3 issues long at this point, but the fact he has been able to keep us hooked is a great success in todays world of story tellers over at DC. It is also really cool to see how the Joker toxin effects other characters in this series and create new Who Laughs villains not seen before.

 To make a great story succeed, you need great art styling to try and sell that story visually and this series does not fail to do so! Going through this series, the artwork and colors really grab us and are just amazing. Usually in a darker story like this one we see a lot of dull colors and shadows that help sell that it is a dark, dramatic story. This one however uses a lot of bright and rich colors but still helps make us feel the dark tone at the same time. The decision to go with such rich, bright colors was a bold choice, but it was the right choice. The complete series so far does an amazing job maintaining this beautiful art style and it is one of the more beautiful works I have seen in a while. Choosing David Marquez for this book was one of the best choices DC could have made to help bring the story to life and I can not wait to see what he does for the upcoming issues.

Overall, I really enjoyed this issue and I am so glad I got into the series. The story telling is amazing and with an art style that also really brings the story to life. I highly recommend if you havent already, pick up this series and especially this issue. I know with the current Year of the Villain run there are a lot of side stories coming out and it can be a headache trying to keep up with them all but if you only want to dive into a few of the stories, do yourself a favor and make sure that this is one of them!

-Wes Greer


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