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Saga #12

by TylerM on April 12, 2013

This is, by far, my least favorite issue of Saga. It's still wonderful though, which is great news for comic readers everywhere.


I always like delving into the greater world of Saga. Brian K. Vaughan has crafted a wonderful universe in this book and when he shows off the history of the great war by proxy between Wreath and Landfall , it's always a treat.


It also shows off Fiona Staples' wonderful design work. Every glimpse of a battle usually involves another planet, more new technology and a new alien race to see.


However, the non-flashback portions weren't quite as amazing. This issue is finally the one that made me feel like I was reading an individual issue and not just a chapter of a greater story.


There isn't anything wrong with that, of course. I'm used to it in almost all of the comics I read. Sometimes it's what makes a comic great. I'm not used to it from Saga though.


There's a certain oddity in this story-arc that makes it seem radically different from every other new story-arc. It may just be my own view of it, but it certainly caught my eye as something different.


Every other issue of Saga felt like it could have been part of a movie. Each issue was just a scene change, not an actual break. This one felt like an actual break, as if Saga was plotted more like a television series, albeit one with a very established plot and time line.


A bit like Twin Peaks and almost as quirky.


Like I said, it isn't anything that's bad. It's just not what I'm used to from Saga and it threw me off just a bit. I'd certainly rather Saga feel less episodic, but it doesn't change how I feel about this book at all.


Vaughan still shows far and above the best pacing I've seen in the business with this book, and this one is certainly no exception. He somehow writes for the trade while making each issue dynamic and enticing.


His dialogue is fantastic, as usual. What truly impresses me, as both a reader and a writer, is how he can give each character their own voice. Since I'm barely capable of writing anything that isn't at least somewhat snarky and basically in my own voice, they way he writes characters so uniquely seems like quite the feat.


Staples is basically a national treasure at this point. (I have no idea if she actually is American or not, but if she wasn't, she is now. I've officially claimed her for America, to be protected like she's Yellowstone.)


I didn't think an artist could make me empathize with someone that just has a TV for a face, bit she does. Although it might be just because I'm really curious on what is up with what appears to be a race of naturally occurring robots.


Side note: I'm aware Comics: The Gathering is a Canadian site, but Canada already lays claim to about 90 percent of the bands I love and Wolverine. Let America (and me) have this one, guys.



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Ok, but just this You can have Rob Liefeld too, we'll keep Todd McFarlane though. Great review. You're right about Saga #12, it does feel more like a stand alone issue, but doesn't take away the fact that this is one of my favourite series.