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Alex + Ada #10

by Tori B. on November 12, 2014

Last we saw Ada she was at a perilous end, running from the FBI and at a critical low of energy. She made it to Alex’s friend, Emily’s house, what they do next for Ada gives us a new trajectory for the story. (Also Alex kind of grows up a little and moves on from the past and learns a couple things about himself and love).
Writer: Sarah Vaughn & Jonathan Luna
Artists: Jonathan Luna
Cover: Jonathan Luna
Publisher: Image
It’s no secret that Alex + Ada is my favourite series right now. It’s sweet, suspenseful, humourous, and cuts into humanity in such a true way, that it’s near impossible to be gripped by this series. To praise this series even more, this issue is the best issue yet. Granted it’s the best issue because of the immense suspense-building from all previous issues that makes this issue so incredibly gratifying.
Alex’s friends Emily and Teji immediately take Ada in, and this, this is Alex + Ada at it’s finest. These two friends who were admittedly unsure of what to think about Ada when they first met her, rush to her aid unconditionally giving and offering her everything she needs. They do it because she’s important to Alex, and his happiness therefore Ada’s happiness is important to them even if Ada is no longer a part of Alex’s life. This kind of unconditional support, love, and loyalty is heartwarming to see and important because of the strength it gives our two main characters.
Coincidentally Ada’s appearance on their doorstep happens right when Alex is making some big and important life decisions for himself. His ex whom he can’t stop thinking about since their breakup essentially offers herself back into his life; the decision of whether to let her back in or not would have been simple not too long ago but in light of recent events and what Ada has brought into his life changed everything. It just took Alex some time and closure on his past to realize that. But luckily as mentioned he has great friends and he’s finally reunited with Ada. Ada who is so good and pure and how anyone wouldn’t fall for her evades me.
What follows next is what the series has been building to, where Alex and Ada finally get together and to be honest I’ve never felt so much happiness and relief before. Luna’s art is absolutely amazing here, the passion between the both of them is so apparent, not to mention romantic glow of the lamp to add to the ambience. Both characters look absolutely beautiful and you can see them both thinking the word ‘finally’ over and over again.
Just because this is what the series was leading up to, doesn’t mean that it’s over yet, there’s still some loose threads hanging and with Ada on the run things can only get more intense, and now that her relationship with Alex just got more serious it only adds another layer of complexity to the rest of the story that’s just about to unfold.
For a story about androids there’s so much revealed about the human condition and what it means to be human and to love.

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