Sex Criminals #7

by Tori B. on August 13, 2014

Being on the run from the Sex Police ends up driving Suze and Jon in different directions. Suze works harder for her library, and Jon, well Jon kinds gets himself into trouble.
Writer: Matt Fraction
Artists: Chip Zdarsky & Becka Kinzie
Cover: Chip Zdarsky
Publisher: Image
 Last issue took readers through a lot of Jon’s problems and his trek to either overcome them or succumb to them and fall even deeper into trouble, which ended with him making a resounding decision to declare war against the Sex Police. This issue we see Suze struggling a little, but unlike Jon, she fights the hurdle a lot faster and even manages to repair her relationship with her best friend. Things are kind of looking up for Suze and it’s a little bit of heartfelt storytelling to see her be in a better place after the whole Sex Police fiasco, of course that runs out pretty quickly as soon as Jon returns to the picture.
Jon of course isn’t a total disaster. In tune with the heartfelt feelings from Suze’s point of view story arc, we go to a flashback of Jon’s life as yearbook photographer and his journey about how he simply fell in love with people, which almost redeems his reckless tendencies and his desire to right things for Suze is almost sweet and justified.
So far it sounds like a super sweet story about loving humanity and fighting for those you love but not to worry there’s comedy involved as well! How does a sword fight with giant freaking dildos sound, because that’s in there. Look forward to that, because it’s hilarious and probably one of the best panels of the issue.
There’s a lot of storytelling in Sex Criminals both from Suze and Jon, lately we’ve been getting a lot from Jon, so it’s nice to see some more from Suze, but definitely not enough. Jon still gets majority of the issue to talk about his past, and as cute as it was, Suze needs more story time, with a little more action. Luckily Zdarsky is talented to make every panel interesting, even if there’s little to no change between.
Aside from the funniest panel ever, there’s a little less comedy dispersed throughout this issue as readers are normally used to—it’s still a good read though, but it definitely reads more sweet than funny proving that there’s a lot of heart to the series beyond the (butt stuff) and sex jokes.

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