LOW #1

by Tori B. on July 30, 2014

When there’s little left of the Earth and little ways left to survive it, cynicism can run deep within the society and within a person, but this is the story of a woman who despite all odds fights for her right for optimism and hope and will prove to be her biggest strength.
Writer: Rick Remender
Artists: Greg Tocchini
Cover: Greg Tocchini
Publisher: Image
 Absolutely mesmerizing.
The first thing that’s incredibly noticeable when you start reading LOW is how different it seems to start from most of Remender’s stories which is definitely what he’s going for when he sought to write the series. The main character is a woman named Stel and her eternal optimism against a dying society and Earth, which already begins to lay down how different this story is going to be. Readers are immediately carried away by a stunning world within the first couple pages. A lot of that is a testament to Tocchini’s art which it phenomenal and ethereal with his soft lines and gorgeous colours. There are beautiful people within a beautiful world and there’s a sense of paradise almost and the happiness of Stela and her family becomes palpable.
Of course this is still a story penned by Remender and while we know that this happiness can’t last forever, it lasts quite a long time and doesn’t truly end. This becomes the strength of the story and of course of Stela, the main character. The first half of the issue focuses a lot on Stela and her relationship with her husband Johl, which is extremely loving, and light hearted and an absolute delight to read. Their dynamic is as compelling as it humourous, and it doesn’t deter that they’re quite aesthetically pleasing as well. Their children are also introduced and while there’s less interaction with them, a lot is already revealed—the son who cares little for leaving city limits to explore, and his brave daughters, which one is less shy about.
Their happiness can’t last forever though, or else there would be no story, but what’s amazing is the despite the tribulations this family is about to face, their hope still lingers on, earning sympathy and support from the readers, cheering on these heart warming characters to allow for them to hold on to their happiness regardless of what’s about to happen to them.
It’s also impressive how quickly Remender has laid down the foundations and already set up this entire universe within the span of 30 pages. By the end of the issue, all main questions about this world that is clearly not our own is answered and fascinating within itself, as if readers weren’t already charmed by the characters, they will at the very least be captivated by the world set before them.  

It’s all very warm feeling, which is incredible and kind of ironic, for a story about people who are living under the waters to escape from the destruction by the sun, these characters add a burst of sunlight into a story, catching readers and already gaining sympathy because everything about LOW so far is incredibly charismatic.

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