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Rachel Rising #25

by Tori B. on May 02, 2014

Rachel has her best friend back along with a little sociopathic girl in tow and oddly enough things are starting to look up for her. A girl could finally use a break after dying so many times.
Writer: Terry Moore
Artists: Terry Moore
Cover: Terry Moore
Publisher: Abstract Studios
 After all the hectic and insane things that Rachel & Co. have been put through recently, they finally get their small break this issue. With Jet back in all her witty glory, Rachel hasn’t smiled as much as she has in this issue for quite some time, and it’s quickly apparent that as lovely as Moore draws all his characters, they’re at their most beautiful when they’re happy. Even if being happy is nuking up rats for some. Rachel’s not the only one who’s happy this issue, Zoe seems to be in a particularly good place as well and it’s nearly impossible to not fall in love with her character if you haven’t already at this point in the series. She was always spunky before with laughably well placed references along the way but to see her pure joy in certain situations makes her incredibly endearing and charming, it’s no wonder that despite her slightly psychopathic nature, everyone warms up to her rather quickly and immediately develops a sense of protectiveness for her—her childish appearance definitely helps in this scenario as well.
But it’s all kinds of wonderful, despite being a story of witches and demons, what’s really being created is family. Rachel talked about this previously when James was still in Jet’s body, that family was beyond birth parents, and hasn’t fully grapsed what her own words mean when reflected at herself as she’s constantly telling Johnny that she’s the only family she has, which at this point just isn’t true. She has so much love from Jet and Johnny, plus Zoe who’s choosing to stick around and has called them her friends, and as we see in this issue, is nearly all smiles when not being a petulant little charming brat, and of course there’s Earl who also sticks around to help out of his love for Jet. They all are there for each other and all love each other in some way no matter how unconventional their circumstances may be.
Not only is this issue a happier point because of the warm family feelings, but Rachel’s got some good tricks up her sleeve. What’s always made her different from the rest of the witches is that every trick she knows always is for the purpose of saving people, not condemning them. So she’s putting her skills to better everyone in her family. Not just herself and Johnny, but to Jet as well, and she even extends the offer to Earl and Zoe who don’t have any visible signs of needing her assistance in context. It’s as odd of a family bonding moment if there were to ever be one. Plus, they might have found themselves another clue as to whatever darker mess is dragging them along in the first place. It’s not entirely a bright side, to know that there’s more than just Lilith out there, but it’s better than just walking into darkness without any idea of what you may be in for. Besides, Rachel has the best thing of all going for her at the moment, she’s not dealing with any of this alone.

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