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All New X-Factor #1

by Tori B. on January 08, 2014

It’s not the same team that makes up X-Factor, suppose that’s why it’s under the All-New title, so with an All-New X-Factor, comes all new adventures for another handful of ragtag mutants.
Writer: Peter David
Artist: Carmine di Giandomenico, Lee Loughridge
Cover: Kris Anka, Jared Fletcher
Publisher: Marvel
It was a little heartbreaking when the end of X-Factor was announced, here was a team of misfits (mostly mutants) trying to do good in a more low key sort of way as opposed to their X-Men counterparts and it had a good long run. Surely X-Factor couldn’t be over, and it’s not. Marvel Now! seems to have other plans for the X-Factor team, and the one relief is that the title is still being carried on by the charming Peter David himself as he brings about a new team to carry out some do-good missions.
All-New X-Factor is very different than its beloved predecessor, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not as enjoyable. The company of X-Factor has been bought out by Serval Industries, who claim to be a corporate conglomerate that at its very core is to try and help people. It’s one issue in, to believe them is a chump move, but the suspicion is half the fun. Also without Jamie Madrox as our main storyteller, it looks like David has chosen Gambit to be the voice of his new undertaking. It’s an interesting choice, Remy, being similar to Jamie in many ways—grayish moral ambiguity, but also incredibly different, there’s no denying who’s talking when you’re reading a Cajun accent, which isn’t a complaint. Gambit didn’t quite hold onto his own solo series, but with an ensemble of other morally ambiguous characters, it looks like this X-Factor is going to be a journey of anticipation just to see who’s going to lose it first.
A lot of enjoyment does come from David’s newly chosen cast of Gambit, Polaris, and Quicksilver, whom we see so far. Right there it’s three smart-mouthed sass-masters, so put them together and hilarity ensues. That is, if you find sarcasm and dry wit humourous, which admittedly isn’t for everyone. Plus to see Lorna and Pietro again in a series is nearly reason enough to pick anything up. Given David’s previous credentials, these characters and story are definitely up his alley, and optimism is abound for the future of the series.
There was slight apprehension with di Giandomenico’s art at the series’ announcement, along with the new costume reveals but after an entire issue of seeing the art and the new outfits all sort of meld together, it turned out a lot better than expected. The quick sketchy sort of lines capture the fast pace of the characters, and no one’s face looks mangled which is always a win.  It’s still going to take some warming up to the outfits, but only because it’s easier to envision Polaris in green, Quicksilver in blue, and Gambit in fuschia.
There’s nothing overtly midblowing about the debut of the All-New X-Factor team, but it’s fun, entertaining, and hilarious without seeming camp so let’s chalk it as a win, and see how David pulls off his first arc with his new team and Serval Industries.

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stephengervais's picture
Very entertaining first issue. I had some reservations about this one but as of now it's on my sub!