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X-Men #2

by Tori B. on June 28, 2013

It’s the second installment of the adjective-less X-Men, and the question it brings is whether its second issue brings just as much high energy as the first.
Writer: Brian Wood| Artists: Olivier Coipel & Mark Morales & Laura Martin
Cover: Coipel & Frank Martin | Publisher: Marvel
The first thing that’s noticeable and leaves a good impression when you open this issue up is the stunning work by Coipel. It’s honestly some top-notch stuff and incredibly apparent when looking at his character work. He’s managed to distinguish each character so differently, not just in their faces and dress but also in the way they stand. Psylocke is incredibly fluid (she’s a ninja after all) where as Rogue is a lot more grounded in her stance. His composition too is stunning. There’s a panel with Jubilee and the baby sleeping and it’s incredibly adorable and not a typical shot of someone sleeping with a baby. Jubilee’s baby (Shogo) though is guaranteed to melt your heart at least once in this issue. Fans of action will be pleased as well, Rogue is getting superstar status with some great scenes of destruction and heavy lifting, and Kitty isn’t one to let you forget what she’s capable of either.
As for the writing, it may not be as spirited as the first issue, but the pacing is still good. It’s certainly not boring. A lot of stuff happens. It’s primarily focused on Arkea and her need to destroy everything that’s in her path. She also manages to knock Beast out within the first few panels (which I’m sure is just another testament to the girl power even as they later lug him around). And Arkea may come and go but it’s certainly not the end of it.
It’s a little surprising though how quickly they dismissed the baby, though there’s no doubt that Wood probably has more plans for little Shogo up his sleeve but now it just seems as if Jubilee is just going to be caring for this little guy the whole time, and for a book in which all the characters have distinct, individual voices clearly laid out, it’s a small downer to see Jubilee (who’s character probably could use some redemption after the vampire fiasco) defined by having this baby.
Aside from that, it’s still going strong, and still feels very much like an X-Men book despite the fact that it’s predominantly female-lead. We have Beast playing his part, and there’s also a glimpse of the students as well, to serve as a reminder where they are, and even while they’re off fighting threats, their roots will always lie with the school.  (Hellion is a sassy little thing and I personally enjoyed every panel he was in despite the fact that he doesn’t say anything. Pixie too. –-It’s just really great to see other X-Men members join the fray, really.)

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