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Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #4

by Tori B. on May 08, 2013

The Rocketeer strikes again! In the retro conclusion to the Hollywood Horror, Betty once again proves she’s not a damsel in distress, but Cliff’s timing probably couldn’t get any better.
Writer: Rodger Langridge | Artists: J Bone & Jordie Bellaire
Cover: Walter Simonson & Bellaire | Publisher: IDW
 Right at the climax, the villainous Otto Rune is threatening for blood by Hollywood’s own horror, Sh’Ozzoth—relations to Cthulhu unknown. Thankfully like any good feel good story, everyone has spectacular timing.
Simply speaking Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror is vibe-ing with an abundant amount of camp happiness and in its conclusion it follows through on action, romance, and happy endings. For a story that takes place in Hollywood, it molds perfectly to the Hollywood cheese but without being overdone or sickeningly lame.
The pacing in the book was dished out exquisitely, and served by the ever so classic narrator. Bad guys make a big commotion at the beginning, good guys have at it with a little bit of a struggle but pull through in the end, love confessions are revealed, and everyone live happily ever after (mostly).
Betty’s character though is handled incredibly well, showing that she’s both capable of fending for herself and with her strong personality she’s not a damsel in distress, but she’s also willing to ask for saving when she needs it. It’s a perfect balance in terms of strong female characters—while there’s nothing wrong with being an unstoppable Amazonian warrior, strong females who aren’t belittled for asking help when they need it is hugely more relatable, and no jabs are made at her helplessness, it was just something that happened, and the superhero does what he always does. It’s also grand that they refer to both Cliff AND Betty as the heroes. Cliff may be the Rocketeer, but Betty does so much as well, she definitely deserves the credit as well, which she does. They’re total equals despite Betty being a model with no superhero qualities of grandeur and their happy couple moments followed by swift squabbling is classic and proves why they’re so good for each other.
As always they retro stylings of Langridge, J Bone, and Bellaire, make Rocketeer Hollywood Horror super entertaining and the fact that we’ve reached the conclusion is a sad moment indeed. Langridge definitely has a personal favourite take on the Rocketeer title and would love to see him tackle more in the future. But we also have the Rocketeer and Spirit team up to look forward to coming up in the next couple of months to look forward to.

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