Age of Ultron #4

by Tori B. on April 03, 2013

Alright, field trip to the Savage Land!
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis | Artists: Bryan Hitch, Paul Neary, & Paul Mounts
Cover: Hitch, Neary, & Mounts | Publisher: Marvel
 Age of Ultron has to be one of the most satisfying pieces of work that just constantly leaves a reader with question marks all over the place. But it’s the type of piece that one would expect to be left with questions each step of the way. I love it. For every question that is vaguely answered, two more questions arise from it all.
Nothing about Vision’s presence is really discussed as one would hope based on the major cliffhanger we had from last week, but we definitely have a lot more to work with and speculate one. Plus more about the big bad Ultron is revealed so that’s a bit more to that puzzle. Obviously everything’s being held onto until the conclusion but at this point, I’ll take anything I can get. Honestly I think it’s a testament to some serious scheming of plots to constantly be keeping everyone on the ropes and just a sliver of the puzzle that’s revealed will appease.
She-Hulk gets her shining moment of glory in this issue, which is always awesome (take that Luke Cage, who’s the strongest one now—okay he also gets a fairly epic fight scene against a bunch of Ultron minion-bots so they’re both awesome yeah yeah).  And we see pages of Ultron City (formerly known as Manhattan) in every issue, but it never gets tiring, because let’s face it, we’re all obsessed with a post-apocalyptic world and seeing Manhattan utterly destroyed and in ruins by the pencils of Hitch, is absolutely fascinating to look at. But our heroes do manage to rendezvous to the Savage Land and while also destroyed, still provide for a change in scenery. Ka-Zar has managed to keep some things in order at the very least, especially comparatively to the rest of our heroes.
With everyone in the Savage Land we’re hoping only some major Ultron-butt kicking comes of this, but seeing as how it’s going so far nothing is for sure. Cap’s last plan was effective to some degree but probably not to the extent they were hoping. Judging by where their latest plans are coming from, one can only feel hopeful.  
Best panel of the issue is when they’re all traveling as a group to the Savage Land. It’s both incredibly amusing (banter with Quicksilver withstanding) and also an incredible testament and reminder to the powers that the remaining group has and it’s no wonder they’ve probably survived as long as they have (girl power, yeah!).
Age of Ultron has continually been able to keep a reader completely enraptured by it’s mysterious plot and shows no signs of slowing down. With it’s precise plot and detailed art, it’s no wonder it’s so far living up to its hype.
Also Emma pulls through as a total team player with her telepathy and is just awesome in general and it makes me so happy to the point of near tears to see her have her telepathy that the issue could have sucked and I would still be happy with it. Luckily it was all around an excellent issue so I’ve saved everyone from an entire review that’s solely about Emma, and have just saved it for this paragraph at the end that everyone could skip.

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