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Age of Ultron #3

by Tori B. on March 27, 2013

I guess major comic events aren’t supposed to be simple, but Age of Ultron only continues to add layers of mystery with each issue and definitely shocks as the event continues to reveal itself further.
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis | Artists: Bryan Hitch, Paul Neary, & Paul Mounts
Cover: Hitch, Neary, & Mounts | Publisher: Marvel
Age of Ultron continues to be a cluster of questioning what on earth is actually going on, and it’s probably intended to stay that way. With Marvel keeping rather tight-lipped about Age of Ultron it’s clear that they’ve got some big surprises in store. Some of the surprises are finally making their reveal as we progress more into the event with a surprise appearance at the end (by a character whom I had been expecting to show up in the series at some point, but did not predict it to happen as it did).
From the strong pacing of the first two issues and where they had left off, issue three, while still good, didn’t quite meet up to expectations. One would have guessed that Captain America finally getting his gusto back would have a great plan and would begin to rally the troops against Ultron. That’s not to say he doesn’t have a plan, his plan is decent enough—getting at least two Avengers right into the heart of Ultron central while everyone else scurries to the Savage Land, or whatever’s left of it, to see if their chances of survival are better there.
There’s a lot of dialogue that happens in the issue, which isn’t overdone per say, but when Clint starts going off with ranting blame in Hank Pym’s name, it seemingly comes a little out of nowhere and disturbs the flow of dialogue and story. A majority of the dialogue sticks to the beginning of the issue and the following pages are great displays of the art put into it. There are some really nice spectacles especially with the structure of Ultron’s world, while simplistic in concept, the feelings of it’s greatness and efficiency isn’t missed, very fitting for a robot that’s taking over the world.
A few more “heroes” make their appearance into the Age of Ultron. A team up between Red Hulk, Taskmaster, and Black Panther is witnessed, though it’s not one that lasts long. What their team up does do though is raise up about twenty more questions as to where this event is going and what’s going to be the results of it all. The three definitely had a plan, but none of the plan has been revealed so only continuing to read will reveal everything we want to know, eventually (I hope).
If this issue doesn’t leaving you having at least a couple questions, congratulations in being far superior in your perceptive knowledge of storytelling that I ever will be.

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