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Agents of Shield S4 E02

by struckmanntransit on September 28, 2016

Coulson and the new Director
The New Boss is Chiller than we expected: Agents of Shield S1 E2

In Agents of Shield's second episode of its 4th season, we get to meet the new director of Shield, learn more about the Ghost Rider, and learn more about the mysterious dust from the first episode. It was suspenseful, unexpected, exciting, and altogether great. 

The rest of the review is spoilers, so be warned. 

Let's meet the new boss, Jeffery. Jeffery is possibly the smoothest guy to ever run shield aside from the king of smooth guys, Nick Fury. Between roasting Congress and smoothly sidestepping issues to them, Jeffery will be a perfect face to the public. The revelation of him being an inhuman in the episode is really well done, but I wish the strength of Coulson's robo-hand and its gadgets (namely the SHIELD shield) wasn't diluted in the process. 

In other news, the magic box seems to be a prison of some sort to the Kitty Pryde ghosts. And there are more boxes with more prisoners. But the great thing is, May is going crazy trying to help her friends when she is the one that needs help. May puts the health of her team before everything else. 

Mack is still the perfect everyman in this series, with his constant lampshading of the show, not trying to explain the magic box, and being Baskin Robbins at the end. His bromance with Fitz is my second favorite relationship in Shield besides May/Coulson. And all hail the return of the Shotgun-Axe! Just another 20 episodes until the Exploding pen gets used. 

And Ghost Rider is still awesome. His fight with Daisy is pretty good, even though it could have been longer. His dialogue with Daisy is almost as good as Daredevil/Punisher. His Rescue of Fitz was great. He literally burned the Souls of the Ghosts. He's also getting more Sympathetic. My only Question is how much Daisy is saying about Robbie is true, and how much is not. In the comics Robbie is possessed by his uncle so……I'm not sure. I think some of what Daisy said is true, but we don't know for sure. 

All in all, 8/10

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