Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #7

by stephengervais on February 23, 2012

When I heard the rumors of Spider-Man getting killed and being replaced I was really hesitant to jump on board. I mean really how can you replace Peter Parker? Am I ever glad I went against my sentiment and plunged into the new Ultimate Spider-Man world. Writer Brian Bendis delivers another gem with issue 7.

This issue has our hero Miles Morales trying to hone his new found power. He’s trying to figure out exactly how strong he is and what his limits are. We get a nice little cameo by Omega Red to help test out what he’s learnt. During the ensuing fight we are treated to some classic Spidey banter. Bendis is really giving Miles his own personality but sticking to what keeps Spider-Man so much fun.

My favorite moment of this issue takes place at the very beginning where Miles is in his room mimicking some old footage of Spider-Man when his mom wonders in. He’s all sweaty, out of breathe and in front of his computer, what could his mom be thinking he’s up to?! It was priceless!

The one flaw I find with this series has been the rotating artists. I feel a series suffers when the creative team is changed up on a regular basis. This issue along with the last one was been drawn by Chris Samnee. It would be nice if he stayed on as the regular artist to give the series a sense of stability. I particularly like the way he keeps Miles’ body frame consistent in and out of costume. I find some artists bulk him up when he has the costume on but Samnee keeps his teenage frame throughout.

This was a very entertaining issue and I absolutely loved the cliffhanger involving Miles’ uncle. It got me thinking how his uncle is like an opposite of Uncle Ben. I can’t wait to see how everything plays out.

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