Punisher #6

by stephengervais on December 08, 2011

This issue finally has the Punisher come face to face or should I say glock to glock with Rachel Coles-Alves. They both converge on the same target but take two much different paths to get there. Writer Greg Rucka paces this issue slowly at the beginning and just when you’re wondering if anything is ever going to happen the action finally picks up.

Rucka’s style for the Punisher the previous issues as with this one has the artwork tell a lot of the story. In fact Frank Castle has yet to utter a single word! That’s where this issue seriously disappoints. Artists Matthew Southwork and Matthew Clark handle the workload this issue and it really falls flat. If you’re going to hinge a whole issue with little in the way of dialogue and written story well the artwork has to be spectacular. Their work would best be described as mediocre and this issue suffers greatly for it.

I read this issue in what seemed like less than 2 minutes. It was a very unsatisfying use of my $2.99. I’ll flip through the next issue and if it looks like more of the same I’ll have to pass. What started out as a very promising series has taken a very bad turn.

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Nice review. I'm interested in this title, but I'd like to browse through it. Could you give us a look inside perhaps? Is that asking too much?