X-Men: Schism #1

by stephengervais on December 04, 2011

Writer Jason Aaron promised us that this mini-series would shake up the mutant world. He alluded to a split in leadership amongst the core group. It has been rumoured that Cyclops and Wolverine would be the centre of this conflict.

In issue one Cyclops and Wolverine attend an International Arms Control Conference to try and persuade the world leaders to decommission and dismantle their Sentinel programs. As not to spoil the story I’ll just say something happens at the conference to once again pit humankind against the mutants. In the process a new villain emerges to take advantage of the situation.

My favourite moment in the issue was the exchange between Wolverine and Cyclops moments before Cyclops delivered his speech to the world leaders. I found it really illustrated where their relationship is presently and where it has been in the past.

Overall this was a good introductory issue for the series. Aaron really does a good job showcasing the bond developed over the years between Cyclops and Wolverine. Where I find the issue doesn’t shine is Carlos Pacheco’s artwork. I found it overly simple compared to his past works. Hopefully this improves with issue two.

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It's funny but I find Carlos Pacheco's illustrations in the new Uncanny X-Men to be fine. Maybe X-Men : Schism has a different inker. Sometimes another inker can make the difference between good artwork and crappy artwork.