Wolverine #19

by stephengervais on December 04, 2011

Jason Aaron was born to write Wolverine. He knows what the fans want and delivers time and time again. This issue is no different. Along with artist Ron Garney, Aaron delivers another solid outing with this offering.

Wolverine accompanied by the Immortal Weapon Fat Cobra and Gorilla-Man travel to the middle of the earth to battle a triad gang responsible for worldwide drug distribution. Furthermore the gang has stolen a bag of money belonging to our favourite Canadian mutant and he is none too happy about it!

This issue reminds me of one of those classic cheesy 80s movies. It has an outrageous beginning, a major dust-up, and it’s all wrapped up with a happy ending all the while delivering one liner after one liner.

My favourite panel has to be when Gorilla-Man gets his hands on an AK-47 and starts taking down ninjas while delivering a snarky line about hating kung fu.

This is how Wolverine should always be written. I can’t wait for the next issue!

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