Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates #4

by stephengervais on December 03, 2011

The first thing that immediately grabs you with this issue is Eric Ribic’s beautiful artwork along with the complimentary coloring by Dean White. The art is as close to a cinematic experience one can have reading a comic book.

The actual story itself written by Jonathan Hickman is more of a Thor solo story with the rest of the Ultimates on the sidelines. The action sees Thor battling The Children of Tomorrow who are responsible for destroying Asgard. The action is fast and furious and in the end Thor is left to deliver an ultimatum from The Children to the other Ultimates which will affect the world.

One of my favourite moments in the issue away from the action is the brief exchange between Nick Fury and Tony Starks.

Being a new reader to the Ultimate Universe the ending was a surprise to me but from what I’ve been told many regular readers will not be all that surprised.

All in all a great issue just bursting with action!

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