Amazing Spider-Man #674

by stephengervais on December 03, 2011

Writer Dan Slott continues to build his reputation as one of the best to pen our friendly neighbourhood arachnid. This is the first issue after the Spider Island story arc and a great jumping on point for new readers. This issue has New York City, beautifully drawn by Giuseppe Camuncoli, cleaning up after the mess brought on by the Spider Island incident which had regular New Yorkers develop spider powers and placed under the control of a monster known as The Queen. While the NYPD try to get the city back to normal Spidey is investigating a string of high rise burglaries which may or may not be linked to a rash of teenage suicide jumpers. Even though for long-time fans the closing panel may have been predictable it still brings about a silent cheer of “Hell Yea” and leaves you anticipating the next issue.

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Great review. You're a natural at it.

I love Giuseppe's art. He was a great artist at DC for years drawing books like Hellblazer. Typical DC, not sticking a really good artist on a top superhero book like Batman or Superman. Dc's loss is once again Marvel's gain.