by spicytoilet on May 14, 2014

Surprising to see Gentleman Ghost amidst all the chaos. Huge imminent gang war, crazies everywhere and now a mystical being AND the freaking Jokers daughter? Gotham sure has seen better days. Bats easily thwarts the Gentleman Ghost while Batwing struggled with him.

The story just branched out again, I don’t want to use the words “fragment” because it just sounds so negative. If this were a monthly release I would be crying how fragmented the story was. Since Batman Eternal is released weekly however, it works very well. At times though, we are six issues in and I'm still expecting something. It’s been over 100 pages and I’m starting to wonder when are we going to find out the plan. The one that solves all of this and gets Gordon off the hook.

It seems as if we won't be receiving more than a taste of each main story. I want to know how Gordons doing, is Vale ok, hows Batgirl etc etc. And it’s something the writers won't entertain. A bummer, but it’s ok. I am thoroughly enjoying the series but I will admit, the addition of the Spectre and Batwing have me worried about future cohesion.  A tree only splits into so many branches.

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