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by spicytoilet on April 30, 2014

Written By: Aron Warner and Philip Gelatt
Art and Lettering By: Brett Weldele


Hal, the very last vitro left on Earth pulls off this amazing mission. He gets assistance from his fellow Vitros in space. The plan gets hatched and is afoot!


First though, Hals past. His folks opposed the government, you can call them nonconformists. They live off the grid, almost. And as a child, the bedtime stories Hal was told before going to sleep practically prepared him for what was coming.


The second Hal is on his own he makes sure that he is well and ready for contact with the ship. What follows is the same Vitros, over and over again, assisting with the plan. Makes me wonder if these Vitros are keeping the whole thing hush hush from the other Vitros. Either way, Hal erases the Vitros files. The Vitros no longer exist and Hal was sadly compromised too.


The government stepped out of Vitro business to allow a contractor to handle it. These contractors have missiles pointed right at the ship. Then it ends.

Holy crap I can't wait for the next one, this was a fine read in deed! I kept a lot out of this review, I assure you. I tried my best not to spoil it!

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