by spicytoilet on April 24, 2014

Story By: Antony Johnston
Art By: Justin Greenwood
Colors By: Shari Chankhamma
Letters By: Ed Brisson

An awesome space station in space, an actual colony; who would’ve thought how freaking dangerous and corrupt that place could be.
Seems like Dietrich and Ristovych are getting a bit chummier, their very well written dialogue is great. The way these two detectives are kinda tolerating each other is awesome to read.  Vantage points, this books’ got them and everything is coming together slowly.  But that’s a given.  These are real gum shoes, not your typical cops looking for a crack head that’s willing to snitch.  These guys are collecting evidence and piecing things. Either way, the pace is absolutely perfect. 
The colors used here really set the mood.  I am enjoying this sci-fi who did it mash up of a book. Mind you, I’m not into who did it type books, and that’s why I can recommend it. If I loved it, I know you will too!  

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