​Private Eye #7

by Skombie on May 23, 2015

Writer: Brian K Vaughan
Artist: Marcos Martin
Publisher: Panel Syndicate

This issue starts with an overdue flashback between PI and his secretary and how they got together. From there it devolves into another car chase, and some unwanted product placement.

I was not a fan of this issue. My general strategy for these reviews is to read the comic one day, then write the review the next. This gives the comic time to percolate in my subconscious, and hopefully provide me with more ammunition to fill a couple hundred word review. 

This time, however, my strategy proved to be my downfall, as I’ve pretty much forgotten what happens in the issue already. Which speaks volumes about the issue. Thankfully, I have a copy on hand to regain those lost memories and give you a more in depth response on the comic.

This comic felt like the creative team didn’t really know which way to take the comic and were just going with the flow. About two thirds of the way through Vaughan realised this and gave the final pages some much needed direction. I feel that this is ok, to create a lull before the inevitable storm that we’re all (secretly) hoping to come.

One thing I think I haven’t touched nearly enough thoughout this series of reviews is the costume design in this comic. The costumes are simple yet they stand out. My metaphorical hat is tipped in the direction of whose job that is. Especially Patrick’s coat which is so cool that I want to buy one. Though given my barrel belly physique, there is no way I’ll be able to pull it off as well.On the topic of costumes, I can’t look at DeGuerre’s mask and not think Attack on Titan – which recently dropped the trailer for the live action movie, and surprisingly looks good.

The only shining light in this issue was the art and the lettering, which provided a bunch of panels that filled me with wonder like. Here’s hoping that Martin and Vincente keeps up the standard set in this issue for the rest of it. Particular scenes like: PI and Melane talking in the rain, and the subtle head movements of Melane,  DeGuerre pulling his gun out, and the moment before pulling off a Speed jump.

Overall it was the continuation of the comic that’s become something of a highlight of my week. So while it wasn’t the best it’s certainly better than some comics I’ve read *cough*Birthright*cough*. With all that in mind I’m giving it a cool 7/10.

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