Star Mage #1

by Sean Tonelli on April 16, 2014

Star Mage #1
Those looking to fill the Harry Potter sized hole in their heart should look no further than JC De La Torre’s Star Mage. The kickstarter backed project, which has found a lovely little home over at IDW, is a great read thats suitable for all ages. Sporting some spellbinding art and a tight script, Star Mage #1 is sure to be a hit.

The 6 part science fiction/magic story tells the tale of Darien Connors, a geeky orphan who discovers that he’s not of this Earth. Without giving too much away, Darien learns that his seemingly normal life is anything but as he is whisked away into the depths of space. While the first issue doesn’t delve too much into the action category, readers are treated to a nice set-up and fully realized mythology that’s just too exciting to pass up.

JC De La Torre’s script, while a bit by the numbers at times, starts to shine when Darien realizes just how special he truly is. The amalgam of magic and science fiction is a treat for readers with the final act propelling them into the heart of De La Torre’s world. While this issue may just be a set-up, it hits the necessary notes to ensure fans will stick with the series remaining 5 parts. 

What is perhaps the greatest feature of this series is the amazing artwork of Ray Dillon. From the expert character design to the magical elements, his work really raises the books to a whole other level. Page after page, your jaw will drop and you’ll be convinced you're reading a Big Two publication. 

Thanks to a great premise, fantastic art and tonnes of heart, Star Mage #1 is a great book with tonnes of promise. 

Star Mage #1
Written & Created by: JC De La Torre
Artwork: Ray Dillon
Edits: Tom Waltz
Assistant Editor: Cori Saragoza
Publisher: IDW

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