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Knuckleheads #4

by Sean Tonelli on November 13, 2013

Knuckleheads #4
Knuckleheads is back! Everyone’s favourite slacker-hero/misanthrope returns with a brand new jumping on point for readers. So hold onto your butts, because with each new day comes a new breakfast and... whatever usually comes after breakfast!
After the life changing events from last issue, Trev and crew hit the local diner for some awesome breakfast. Sooner than you can “honey bunny” two masked men break out the shot guns and hold up the diner. Trev, having just put the beat down on a giant space monster last issue, is full of piss and vinegar (probably less vinegar) and rushes in to save the day. There is only one thing standing in his way; his own hubris.

Winekler hasn’t missed a beat between issues and Knuckleheads #4 cements the series place as one of the most laugh inducing reads out there. In my previous review for the series-- in an action-packed 3 issue spectacular no less, I discussed the importance of timing. Just like last time, Winekler nails the jokes, from loving Doctor Who references to hilarious Family Guy style asides, Knuckleheads rolls along at break neck speed.

Wilson IV and the art department had to scale things back a bit this issue, taking place squarely inside a diner. Luckily for readers Wilson IV has such a firm grasp on the characters that even the most mundane of tasks come across as exciting. This is a gorgeous book and I predict great things in store for the team involved.
If you hate laughter, pop culture and think breakfast is overrated then avoid Knuckleheads like the plague. If your idea of a good time involves the Tardis, drunken English chicks and an extra side of bacon, then guess what? You and Knuckleheads #4 were made for each other.
Knuckleheads #4
Writer: Brian Winkeler
Art: Robert Wilson IV
Colours: Jason Boyd
Letters: Thomas Mauer
Publisher: Monkeybrain Comics

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