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King's Watch #1

by Sean Tonelli on September 11, 2013

King's Watch #1
The pulp comic revival is in full swing and Dynamite appears to be leading the charge. After having successfully breathed new life into the Shadow, Green Hornet and Red Sonja, the little label that could embarks on one of their most ambitious titles yet.
King’s Watch takes three of the world’s most beloved pulp heroes of yesteryear, The Phantom, Mandrake the Magician and Flash Gordon, and pits them against an unknown peril that could spell certain doom for the world. After a series of strange nightmares plague the citizens of the Earth, our three main heroes get the sense that something ain’t right. Throw in some space exploration, some nifty magic and a rabid T-Rex and you have one of the more imaginative and fun comics I have read in weeks.
Parker, a huge Gordon fan himself, successfully takes these characters and brings them into the 21st century with great ease. It’s a refreshing crossover that isn’t bogged down by years of continuity or self gratification. Parker just gives us a fun story with only the world at stake. Personally, it was extremely gratifying to see The Phantom, on horseback, ride into battle against a giant T-Rex. If that sentence gives you a sense of trepidation, than this isn’t your book.
Laming’s art is very complimentary, though during some of the more action-packed moments, the line work can be quite bothersome. Seriously, how many wrinkles do these people need? However, the opening nightmare scenes are just gorgeous as is Flash Gordon’s joy-ride to space. Who knew a demonic nebula could be so pretty?
King’s Watch #1 is the comic book equivalent of a joy-ride in a hot new coupe. It’s fast, fun and danger lurks around every corner. Now bring on the solo adventures!
King’s Watch #1
Writer: Jeff Parker
Art: Marc Laming
Publisher: Dynamite Comics

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