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Saga #11

by Sean Tonelli on March 20, 2013

Saga #11 Cov
“Some dreams really do come true. That said, some dreams are weird as shit.”
If you’re new and been on the fence about this series, then you need to get off the fence right now and buy everything Saga you can get your hands on. Go. NOW!
Ok, now that the kids are gone, the rest of you are probably reading this review to know if Saga is still the best series on the shelf. The answer is yes, it’s still awesome and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be losing steam any time soon. One of the negative aspects of comic culture, and one that I am certainly guilty of, is the flip-floppy nature of our people. We long for that great comic, the Holy Grail of writing if you will, then once we find it, we dig and prod, hoping to find a chink in the chalice. Saga, for now, is as close as we’re going to get to a Holy Grail and Vaughan seems determined to keep it that way.
Issue #11 picks up after last issue’s heartbreaking cliff hanger. The tree-ship is caught in the gravitational pull from a planetoid hatchling that is a wee bit pissed after getting blasted by The Will’s missiles. So naturally Marko uses a magic enchanted helmet to push the tree-ship into hyper-drive. One problem; the tree-ship was never designed to move that fast.
This was a tightly plotted, action filled issue. The great thing about this series is how high the stakes are. The reason the threats to these characters seem real is because they are. Their actions in the past have caused some very dire effects that ripple throughout the series giving each scene an extra layer of tension. You can never be sure who is going to make it. One minor gripe I have with this issue is the vulgar language in the opening scene. Yes, this is an adult novel, but there comes a point where the adult nature merely takes you out of the fantasy. STD ridden giants are one thing, where Marko deposits his seed, is another.
Staples’ art is just getting better and better. The image Marko and Alana wishing upon a falling star is breathtaking and I predict it will become a staple of Facebook cover photos for days to come! Seriously though, please note the colouring; the way the light from the tent just barely caresses our heroes as they stare off into the beautiful indigo’s of the night sky. Add in FONOGRAFIKS playful lettering, and boom! Instant iconic imagery, and that’s just one panel. Wait till you see the final splash page.
There’s not a whole lot more praise I can give Saga, I’ve said so much, so I’ll let you fill in the blanks;  Vaughan and Staples have _______ a comic so ________ and ________ that it’ll make you ______ with _____. So go buy Saga #11 and get one for your friend as well. 

Saga #11
Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Art: Fiona Staples
Publisher: Image Comics

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