Jedi Fallen Order: Dark Temple #5 Review

by Ellie J. on December 04, 2019

Author: Matthew Rosenberg
Artist: Paolo Villanelli
Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

After four issues, Jedi Fallen Order: Dark Temple has it's finale, showing the conclusion to the conflict on Ontotho. In the previous issues, Cere Junda and her master Eno Cordova were sent to resolve a conflict between the local Fylari and the Daa Corporation surrounding a mysterious Temple. Battle broke out, and Cere took the Fylari's side after Daa supposedly killed Cordova; she later found out that Cordova was alive, and he helped broker peace, though a battle soon broke out anyway. That's where this issue opens up on...

The battle taking place soon comes to an end, as Cere compromises with Daa to save the Fylari. Daa then dumps a bunch more exposition, and I remember why I haven't really liked this series. It just... has so much going on. I barely remember what's going on, since the whole series is a mess of plot twists and exposition dumps. But luckily, this issue seems to calm down a little after the first few pages, because the Jedi arrive! Well, more Jedi than Cere and Cordova. Specifically, Mace, Luminara Unduli, and two new members, Masters Maslo-Skaff and Odu. 

Cere and Odu track down Cordova in the Temple while the others fight above ground. There, we find out that the Fylari are similar to the Separatists, despite being decades early. They want to overthrow the Ontothon government and leave the Republic. In order to escape the shield they're put in, the Jedi use a rock to activate the nearby Zeffo Guardians, and they destroy the shield for them. Yep, this Temple is a Zeffo Temple, from Jedi Fallen Order. They break out, and lose Odu in the process. The battle ends, and they return to Coruscant.

Two days later, Cere goes before the Council. Cere is knighted by the Council; she talks with Cordova, who has decided to investigate the mysterious race that built the Temple, the Zeffo. Back in the present, the Second Sister finds a datapad belonging to Cordova in the Temple, and she leaves for Bogano to find Cal and Cere. And that's the entire series. This series was... not very good, to be honest. It was really confusing most of the time, and up until this issue, didn't work at all as a tie-in for the video game. The only consistently good thing was Paolo Villanelli's art. Besides that, I really didn't enjoy any of the issues except this one, and I only liked this one because of how much it tied into JFO lore. that's Jedi Fallen Order: Dark Temple. It had a lot of potential, but just wasn't a great story in the end.

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