Return to Vader's Castle #4

by Ellie J. on October 23, 2019

Author: Cavan Scott
Artist: Francesco Francevilla and Nicoletta Baldari
Publisher: IDW Publishing

Return to Vader's Castle continues with a spooky tale from Jabba's palace. The last issue had a sort-of disappointing story about Asajj Ventress during the Clone Wars; if you read my review of the issue, you know I didn't particularly like it. It was a good story, it just didn't really fit in as a Halloween scary story. It wasn't horror-themed, and Ventress wasn't a villain (the series has been focusing on villains as the focus of these horror stories). I'm happy to say that this issue mostly escaped that issue, and has a fun horror story that's reminiscient of the Tales from Jabba's Palace anthology novel. 

The issue opens on Thom Hudd, our POV character in the present-day story. Vanee re-captures him after his brief escape, and tells a story to delay his inevitable death. Jabba is in his Palace when his cousin Grakka arrives with a huge creature as an offering (and apology for trying to kill him decades earlier). But we soon learn that it's all a ruse; Grakka has learned of a vast treasure hidden somewhere, and is at Jabba's Palace to find out where... Only the one who knows is a B'omarr Monk. Grakka waits until Jabba is asleep following the party they held to watch his new pet tear his other pets to shreds before acting. The plot twist is that Jabba knew what she was doing, and is waiting among the B'omarr brains. he has Grakka turned into one of the Monks, and the story ends.

Back in the present, Thom Hudd is about to die when the Fourth Sister appears! She tells Vanee that she's been ordered to bring Hudd to Coruscant by the Emperor. This issue was a lot better than the previous issue. It was a proper horror story, and it ended on a plot twist. My theory is that the Fourth Sister is actually Lina Graf, wearing the real Fourth Sister's armor and there to break Thom out. The art was really good, though it wasn't too horror... y. It was still great though; Cavan continues to be a god. I'm really looking forward to the final issue!

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