All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #1

by Ryan.L on May 03, 2017

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Aaron Kuder
Publisher: Marvel Comics

There are many times that the movies have influenced a change in the comics. The first X-Men movie did that way back in 2001 with Grant Morrison's New X-Men series. Now with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 hitting theaters this weekend we get an All-New Guardians of the Galaxy comic that now looks and feels a lot like its movie counterpart.

This issue we see the Guardians off on a heist, but with any heist things never go as you expect them too. Also isn's Baby Groot so cute... but why is he still so little?

I have to say sometimes when a comic reflects it's movie counterpart I'm not always a fan but in this case I am so on board. This book was so much fun and and I can't wait for the next issue. Many of the characters still very much feel like they always have in the books but with a little bit of the movie injected into them. The comedic banter is so awesome and I couldn't stop laughing all the way though this issue. 

The action sequences are laid out so well and really pull you into the action. I loved seeing the opening with Galactus impending doom on an unsuspecting world only to have it be the Guardians ruse to take them by surprise. 

The art in this book is absolutely perfect as well. It fits the fun and craziness that the Guardians bring with them. Some of the characters have been redesigned to look like the actors that portray them in the movie but honestly it works. I love Peter Quills new uniform and I hope that stays for awhile. I thought Baby Groot was cute and that it would get old, but seeing how well he is being used it really works and I so want more.

Fans of the movie and the comics will definitely find something to enjoy in this new series. It jumps out of the gate with an exceptional first issue. You should be picking this one up for sure.


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