X-Men Gold #3

by Ryan.L on May 03, 2017

Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Artist: Ardian Syaf
Publisher: Marvel Comics

There is a new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and the X-Men work to stop them and save the Mayor who has been kidnapped. 

This issue we see the X-Men infiltrate the Brotherhoods hideout to save the Mayor. But as simple of a plan it is things don't go so easily. Secrets are revealed and not everything is as it seems.

The last issue left me worried for this series. The controversy had quite an impact on the book but after reading this issue that was all put to rest. This issure really blew me away with how much fun it was. The dialog was what we have come to expect from an X-Men book. I loved seeing some of the younger mutants brought into the fold and Santos always makes me laugh.

The pace of this issue was also perfect. Every moment I found myself on the edge of my seat wondering what was coming. there were several twists and turns that really had me engaged. One of my biggest questions was why Magma was on the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants!? This issue answered so many questions but then asked so many more.

The best part was seeing the dynamics of the team Kitty has put together and wow, it was impressive seeing this team work. I love Kitty as the leader, she fits into the role so well and it makes sense. 

The only part of this book that I'm not a fan of is still the art. It really does look like Ardian Syaf stopped trying and just slapped it together. Which makes me sad because this book otherwise is flawless. At least this is Syaf's last issue and we get fresh new talent coming intwo weeks.

Many say that controversy can kill a books momentum and this issue proves that you can't take the X-Men down that easily. This is a must read series and I highly recommend picking it up.


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