Jean Grey #1

by Ryan.L on May 03, 2017

Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Artist: Victor Ibanez
Publisher: Marvel Comics

It has been a long time coming but Jean Grey finally has her own series. In this series Jean has a premonition that the Phoenix is coming for her. She will stop at nothing though to not fall into the same fate as her predecessor. 

This issue We get to see Jean off on her own. Sometimes you just need some alone time, but you'd be a fool to think you'll actually get it. Some villains happen to be robbing an armored truck not far from her and so Jean takes it upon herself to stop them.

At first when I read the synopsis of this series I was unsure if it was going to be successful or not. After reading this first issue that was quickly put aside and I'm so on board with the series now. The book was so much fun and we really got to see how this Jean Grey is very different from the one that we grew up with. This Jean doesn't have world class telepath Charles Xavier to help her train and hone her skills. So we get to see what happens when you have a budding omega level mutant without the training they need. Jean messes up constantly in this issue and it was so much fun to see her work through each mistake she made.

The art in this series is also incredibly well done. I love the bright pop look of the book but the heavy sketch and shading gives it a dark ominous undertone that is very fitting for the overall story of the Phoenix looming over Jean's head. The detail in the the characters faces is amazing and you can really see through the expressions on Jean's face how hard she is working through figuring out how to defeat the wrecking crew.

So with ResurreXion we have had some great new series and some alright series. This one definitely falls under the great. The book starts off so awesome and brings a ton of fun. I can't recommend this enough and it is close to being my favorite from the ResurreXion lineup so far.

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