Nick Fury #1

by Ryan.L on April 19, 2017

Writer: James Robinson
Artist: ACO
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Ever wonder what a spy thriller on acid would be like well Nick Fury #1 shows you exactly what that. There is so much neon here that it was like being back in the early 90s. Nick Fury has been recruited to infiltrate a Hydra Casino and steal a package. Geared up with a high tech eye patch, either an A.I. voice assistance or possible team member directing him and providing Intel, Fury manages to secure the package  but then needs to shake some Hydra tails.

This series is incredibly stylized but oddly it works. At first there was a lot going on and so much neon that it seemed a bit jarring. Once you got used to it though the story was lot of fun made for a pretty exciting ride. This was a very different take on not only Nick Fury, but a spy espionage book altogether. Normally spys like the shadows and the books usually have darker tones. Not this book it likes color, and pink especially. It was like a fun technicolor explosion.

That being said though there isn't a lot of substance here. The main Hydra agent that was after Fury, seemed pretty two dimensional and even made some pretty cliche comments. This is just a first issue, but I worry that this series may be relying on its unique stylized tone to carry it through. 

I like the fresh new take on a spy espionage book, but to keep my attention there is going to need to be a lot more substance added in the next issue or the book will quickly become forgettable. 


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