Jessica Jones #7

by Ryan.L on April 05, 2017

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Michael Gaydos
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Jessica has finished her undercover work for S.H.I.E.L.D. but what has that done to her relationship with Luke?

This issue we get to see Jessica confront Luke about why she did what she had to do, but nothing goes quite like Jessica plans.

Well I'm a big fan of Jessica Jones and Brian Michael Bendis is at his best when he is writing his own characters, but even then he can miss step. This is was not very exciting at all. It screamed filler issue and really just had a few moments of setup for her next case. Other than that this issue was pretty forgettable. Luke and Jessica never really worked anything out, it just seemed like she said her piece and then he booted her out.

Is this series losing its edge? Bendis has a knack for really drawing things out but this is unnecessary. With so many books out on the market, everyone needs to fight to keep our attention. Even one falter and you can lose readers. There is nothing more I get angry over than wasting my money and this issue was just that. Filler issues need to stop, if you want our hard earned money they you need to deliver quality books every time.

It's sad that we are only on issue number seven and we are having this problem. Hopefully things will pick up but I'm afraid that the damage has already been done and this series could suffer because of it. 


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A Look Inside


I do not think you gave strong reasons why this was a filler issue. Besides setting up the next case, the issue dealt with one of the most important aspects of the last arc: the strains put on Jessica and Luke's marriage. There was also a nice scene reintroducing Danny Rand with whom I understand Jessica will be teaming up as part of the s Defenders comic. I liked the issue a lot and thought the whole scene with Jessica and Luke was very well done. The issue was worth the money if anything else than for the strong characterization and dialogue. Just some spelling notes as well for your review: misstep is one word, and the sentence about delivering quality should read "then you need to deliver" instead of "they you need" Thank you, Spacedog2