Aliens: Defiance #10

by Ryan.L on March 29, 2017

Writer: Brain Wood
Artist: Stephen Thompson
Colorist: Dan Jackson
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

The Europa has been invaded by space pirates and the crew had to release the Alien Queen they had in cryo to stop the pirates. The Europa sustained a lot of damage in the events and now they are limping their way back to Earth.

This issue we see the crew of the Europa try and and do some repairs as they get closer to earth. As they approach earth they try to figure out what to do since the specimen they now have is nt alive like Weylan-Yutani had requested.

This book has really impressed me. I ended up binge reading the first 9 issue to be able o read and review this one. Its not often than a book grabs my attention that quickly and is able to consistently deliver quality engaging issues month after month. The thing I really like about this book is that is feels very much like all the movies. It still has the same tone and feel to it and even how it is written it flows like its chapters from a movie.

Also many times with Alien series they fall into the predictable cliche story, that even though are still a lot of fun, we have seen it over and over. This series is completely different. Brian Wood has crafted a completely new and unique story that just completely blew me away.

the relationship that has been built between Zula and Davis is also another reason why this book really stands out. This issue especially you really get to see the bond that has developed between them and I found my self cheering them on with the unknown future the has now been thrust upon them.

The art in this book is also really impressive. It has such a unique style but fits perfectly into the tone of the franchise. The moments with the Alien are extremely creepy but also really exciting. 

This issue and series is amazing and I can't recommend it enough. Even if you have never seen or read anything from the Alien franchise there is a lot here to enjoy here. This is a series that definitely should not be missed.

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