X-Men Prime #1

by Ryan.L on March 29, 2017

Writer: Marc Guggenheim, Greg Pak, Cullen Bunn
Artist: Ken Lashley, Ibraim Roberson, Leonard Kirk, Guillermo Ortego
Colorist: Morry Hollowell, Frank D'Armata, Michael Garland
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The war between the X-Men and Inhumans is over and its a new day for the merry mutants. The past thirteen years the X-Men have been in survival mode it seems. No matter how hard they try they just could not break the cycle. That all ends as Marvel has promised to take the X-Men back to what made them great. ResurreXion is upon us, but is it what we wanted? The answer to that is most definitely yes.

X-Men Prime leads us full on into ResurreXion getting us ready for the slew of new X-books being released starting next month. We join Kitty Pryde as she takes us into the world of the X-Men as Storm shows up with an offer she can't refuse, or can she?

I really enjoyed this issue immensely. For the last couple years especially I felt that Marvel stopped listening to us and was not giving us X-books of any quality. All the creative teams didn't really seem to know the characters or even care about them and they were just turning out books that were not engaging and so many of the characters were written completely out of character. That has all changed and I couldn't be happier.  

With this book it was like Kitty Pryde was us, and as Storm was trying to convince us (Kitty) to give the X-Men another chance. Every hesitation I've had with coming back to the x-books was mirrored in Kitty's waffling on if she should take over as leader. We follow Kitty on a journey through memory lane as she weighs all the options. Every character that made an appearance felt like they were properly portrayed and fully in character.

Marvel promised and so far they are delivering. From reading this issue you can see that they have a clear and cohesive vision for the X-Men now. This truly felt like a "rebirth" for the X-Men and it makes me even more excited for the rest of ResurreXion.

The art in this book is also really well done. Every page is so vibrant and the characters look incredible. Everyone looks how they should and the layout really helps the flow of the story and guide you through Kitty's journey. It also felt like this book was giving us a little peak into all the new books coming out next month.

If you have been hesitant to give the X-Men another chance well I highly suggest you read this issue. Everything Marvel promised they are delivering on. X-Men Prime has set up ResurreXion to be a success and I am so excited to head into this new world with my merry mutants.


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Couldn't agree more with your review, except I'm gonna take a pass at Blue. The storyline of the original X-Men from the past in modern times never sat well with me, I'm like Jean, they don't belong there. But I'm on board for the rest.