Iron Fist #1

by Ryan.L on March 22, 2017

Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist: Mike Perkins
Colorist: Andy Troy
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Danny Rand was orphaned and taken in to a mystical city K'un-Lun. He grew up there and became the Iron Fist. He has been back in America for a time now and since he has been away K'un-Lun has been attacked and destroyed causing his connection to K'un-Lun's chi to sever.

This issue we get to see Danny dealing with the disconnection to is powers as the Iron Fist. He travels the world searching for fights in hopes to feel a connection to it again.

I was really impressed with this issue. Many times you get this story of a hero stripped of their powers and their fight to regain them. This time that story feel really fresh and new, and takes the character back to what really makes Iron Fist who he is. You really sense the desperation but never does he feel hopeless or pathetic like so many others in his position. I never felt sorry for Danny while reading the book, instead I found I was cheering him on through each fight. Every emotion that he was feeling just came off the page and pulled me right into it with him.

The art is where this book really shines. The look and tone that Mike Perkins has developed for the book mirrors Ed Brissons well crafted story perfectly. The fight sequences are laid out in such a way that you really get pulled into the excitement and brutality of them. The color palate is also beautiful and every page is stunning to look at with it's unique style.

Reading this issue it really felt like this is the story that the Netflix show should have been. Darker, more of an edge with fight sequences that shock and awe the viewer. Even being a new reader to and Iron Fist story this book just pulled me right in and I am so excited to follow Danny on his journey to reestablish his chi and regain his powers as the Iron Fist.

With so many new series coming out there has to be something that makes a book standout among all the rest. This books unique take on the fallen hero is outstanding and is an absolute must read. I highly recommend you pick this one up as its already proving to be an incredible series.


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