Jessica Jones #6

by Ryan.L on March 08, 2017

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Michael Gaydos
Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Did Jessica Jones actually sell out her best friend Carol Danvers!? That is the big question.

This issue we get to see Jessica hand Carol over to Alison Greene and Spot for a huge sum of money. But everything is not as it seems. Also Luke Cage continues to search for his daughter.

I loved this issue a lot. It was so much fun seeing Carol take a beating from spot. After Civil War II you kinda wanted to see the pompous Carol get taken down a notch. This issue we get to see exactly that, well sort of. Jessica and Carol were working together to bring down Alison Greene and things went off without a hook, if you don't include Jessica throwing her life and relationship with Luke Cage away for the plan.

I also really love seeing straight and narrow Carol with such a potty mouth. This book loves it's explicit words and its fun to see that side of characters that we don't always get to see in their usual books.

The art in this book again is absolutely amazing. Every page was stunning and I continue to love the edgy look Michael Gaydos gives to the book. The first page with that old school comic book look was incredibly fun. I also loved the glimpse into when Jessica as Jewel first met Carol. It really helped to set the tone for the issue and their relationship that has become a mainstay inthe series and the previous series Alias.

Jessica Jones continues to be one of the best books Marvel is releasing. If you haven't been following it I highly recommend picking up the first six issues as this book is definitely one that shouldn't be missed.


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