Assassin's Creed: Reflections #1

by Ryan.L on March 08, 2017

Writer: Ian Edginton
Artist: Valeria Favoccia
Colorist: Carlos Lopez
Publisher: Titan Comics

So to mark the ten year anniversary of Assassin's Creed we are being given a 4 part series featuring fan favorites from the franchise Ezio, Altair, Edward, Connor and more.

This issue focuses on Ezio, he has shown up at Leonardo's death bed and offers his love and one last story for the artist from Ezios adventures.

I was really excited for this series when I saw it advertised. Finally we get some more comics featuring the characters we love from the franchise. Unfortunately that excitement left pretty quickly when reading this first issue. The level of story here is not what one would expect from a ten year anniversary series.This came more across a bonus supplemental from one of the games or something. It's a minor story focusing on the Mona Lisa painting and how Ezio knew her.

There was nothing in depth or engaging about this story and it really came off as trivial. The narrator at the start even mentions that the order chooses to focus on the most remarkable moments of an ancestor's life. Well this issue is a pure example of why that is. 

Yes this story was fun, had moments of levity and overall wasn't terrible. But from what we were lead to believe this series would be this is nothing like what was advertised. I would have rather seen over sized issue with an intense emotionally gripping story than a light hearted look back at some pretty insignificant moments in their history.

If you are a fan of the Assassin's Creed franchise you might enjoy this book. but don't have too high of expectations as it doesn't live up to the celebratory series like no other, it was advertised to be.


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