Bullseye #2

by Ryan.L on March 01, 2017

Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist: Guillermo Sanna
Colorist: Miroslav Mrva
Publisher: Marvel Comics

MONEY, TORTURE, MURDER! Yup thats pretty much sums this series up in just three words. Bullseye has been recruited to rescue a mobster's son from a drug cartel. No one who gets int he way will be safe either.

This issue we get to see Bullseye interrogate the only way he knows how, with lots of blood and loss of limbs. The drug cartel gets wind of whats happening and head out to confront him.

I so wish this series was not a mini-series. This is such an amazing series and this issue further solidifies that we need a Bullseye ongoing. Even though Bullseye is a villain I was cheering him on throughout this issue. It was so much fun to see him just cut everyone to pieces, literally. 

The artwork in this series is edgy but still has an element of fun to it. Bullseye really enjoys his work and the art really reflects that. I love the color choices and all the gory moments really stand out but aren't over the top.

This series is definitely a must read. It is exactly how a villain fronted book should be and will set the bar for any future books that are centered around a villain. I can't express how much you shouldn't miss out on this book and definitely go pick this one up.


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