Aquaman #18

by Ryan.L on March 01, 2017

Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Scot Eaton
Colorist: Gabe Eltaeb
Publisher: DC Comics

Aquaman has been though a lot lately. Not long after the war with the United States and his joinging in the cleaning up of his other home a new threat appears. Someone seems to be able to hone into his aquatelepathy and is taking control of people, sending them to take out Aquaman.

This issue we get to see Aquaman and Warhead come head to head battling it out. Warhead has shown Aquaman some visions from his creation. The two continue to fight as they try to figure out what exactly is going on and who is the actual threat.

I have not been impressed with the story arc. Coming off such an amazing last arc, this ones feels very underwhelming. By the end of this issue I really felt that the entire story was emty and unnecessary. Maybe this was all just to introduce us to a new member of Aquamans team, but I don't think we will see much of War head in the future to be honest.

I think the problem I had the most with this arc is how misguided Warhead was. That his whole reason for attacking Aquaman made no sense. If he had just gone and seeked asylum thing would have been completely different. 

Even with great art this story is still one of the worst we have gotten in what has been a top tier series from DC. I can't really see anything from this arc being important to future issues so I honestly would skip it and come back at the next story arc.


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