Kingpin #1

by Ryan.L on February 08, 2017

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Artist: Ben Torres
Colorist: Jordan Boyd
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Wilson Fisk has done many terrible things over the years. He has murdered people, blackmailed people and done whatever it took to put an end to his mortal enemies Daredevil and Spider-man. Now this once Kingpin of crime is back in New York and has decided to turn over a new leaf.

This issue we get to see Fisk pursue this image change that he so desperately wants. He has searched out writer Sarah Dewey, in hopes that she could assist with his plan.

So this is a story we have seen many times before. A very rich and powerful man who has done many bad things enlists the help of a beautiful woman to change his image. Even the sending of an expensive gown that ends up being the perfect size, to then take her to a black tie gala. What I found unique with this version of the classic tale was that the rich and powerful man didn't enlist a beautiful successful woman. No this time its a disgraced alcoholic who is desperate in her own right and has no other options other than to accept Fisks indecent proposal.

I really enjoyed how Matthew Rosenberg portrayed Fisk in this issue. He seemed to pull a lot of the mannerisms and qualities from the Netflix version of Wilson Fisk than how he has been previously in the comics.

The artwork was not what I would have expected from this series. That being said by the end of the issue I really stated to enjoy it and found it really did suit the characters and tone set out by Rosenberg. 

While not a perfect first issue this series does have potential to be really good. This one took me a little bit to get into, but by the end I was loving it and so excited for more. I highly recommend picking this one up.


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