Bullseye #1

by Ryan.L on February 01, 2017

Writer: Ed Brisson, Marv Wolfman
Artist: Guillermo Sanna, Alec Morgan
Colorist: Miroslav Mrva, Frank Martin
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Bullseye has been through a lot over the past several year, being dead one of em. Now after being resurrected yet again and laying low for a long time he is bored and needs some excitement. 

This issue we get two stories by two different creative teams. The first we see Bullseye go to his agent looking for a fun job after finishing one with a little added flair. The second we see Bullseye on a heist gone wrong.

So when you take a villain and give them their own series it can go of two ways. The first is crashing an burning because the writer could not find an engaging story to tell about the villain. That usually happens because the villain is not completely fleshed out and works better as just a villain. Also the writer tries to turn the villain into somewhat of a hero and changes the very essence of the character. The second is what this book is and it can be a huge success because the writers kept the character to their true essence and told a story that is very engaging and works for this villain.

Out of the two stories the first one was by far my favorite. It was so true the Bullseyes character and continuously made me laugh. What happens when Bullseye gets bored? Well many many people die thats what! The moment when he is in his agents office talking to him was the highlight of this issue and gets me really excited for the next issue. Bullseye is crazy and sadistic and Ed Brisson really brought that to the forefront of the first story while being able to mix in some comedy.

The art in this story was also dark and edgy, just what I would want from a Bullseye story. There was an element of creepiness but also a cartoonish feel mixed in that married the story perfectly. All the murders were laid out perfectly and really increased the level of excitement and shock for this book.

The second story is shorter but was a lot of fun as well. This story we really got to see how smart Bullseye is and why he is the number one assassin in the Marvel Universe.

The art in this story was similar to the first story but was a bit brighter and more of what we have seen in previous Bullseye series. Still it was laid out perfectly and really had you cheering on Bullseye even though he was in a precarious situation.

Wow this was a great book and the only thing I could fault it for is that it is only a miniseries and not a ongoing series. But can you really fault a book for that? This is such an exciting book and shows Bullseye at his best. I have missed him from the Daredevil books and it's nice to be able to see him again. This may be only a five issue miniseries but I highly suggest you pick it up.


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