Superman #16

by Ryan.L on February 01, 2017

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason
Artist: Tony S. Daniel, Clay Mann
Colorist: Dinei Ribero
Publisher: DC Comics

Someone has been collecting Supermen across the multiverse. Things have been pretty bleak for Superman and New Super-man as they try to figure out how to defeat this villain. 

This issue we see Superman and the Justice Incarnate finally go head to head with this multiverse-spanning foe to save New Super-Man and the other Supermen of the multiverse.

I don't know what to think of this arc in general. I felt it was a pretty weak story and something we have seen before. This issue was the final battle and it was an alright story. The action sequences had great flow but overall there really didn't seem like there was any challenge for Superman and the Justice Incarnate. So if it was this easy for them to defeat the main villain why did it take three issues?

Also one of the characters sacrifices himself to help save the rest of them but it seemed like there was no actual weight to it and therefore the impact of his death was that less effective. I mean there is one panel where everyone is sad and then the whole thing is seemingly forgotten about. Even at the end when they have won there is no memorial and it is mentioned how he sacrificed himself but again there is no weight to it so it comes across as not really that impactful on the story.

The art in this issue was the only thing that is keeping it from being a total dud. The pages are absolutely beautiful and the pacing in the action is so smooth. There is so much detail and the splash pages look amazing. Even the very last page switches up the style a little bit and that really impressed me.

Hopefully the next arc will bring this series back to the level we know it can deliver. This is an alright finale to a pretty meh arc. I'd say pass on it and pick up the next one as you aren't going to miss anything major in the over arcing Superman story.


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