Inhumans vs X-Men #3

by Ryan.L on January 26, 2017

Writer: Charles Soul, Jeff Lemire
Artist: Javier Garron
Colorist: Andres Mossa, Jay David Ramos
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Inhumans and X-Men continue to battle it out. The mutants fight for their survival and the Inhumans fight to keep their lineage going. So far we have seen the mutants dominate over the Inhumans, trapping many of their heavy hitters in Limbo.

This issue though we see the balance tip in the Inhuman favor. The mutants have overlooked one area of the Inhumans and that is now being exploited.

I really enjoyed this issue a lot. This battle is going to go back and forth constantly before the end. I'm cheering for the mutants but it was fun to see the Inhumans gain a little ground on the mutants. If you have been reading the tie-in issue then you know that all this could be sorted out without more fighting, but that wouldn't make for a fun and exciting event. I am very curious to see how Maximus and his new found knowledge fits into all of this.

No matter what side you are cheering for this issue really highlights each character to their fullest. There are so many moments to cheer on your favorite and see them outsmart each other. There isn't any major stand out moments in this issue but overall it was still a lot of fun. There are some great teasers at the end for whats to come that I really enjoyed, and have me excited for the next issues.


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