Inhumans vs X-Men #2

by Ryan.L on January 11, 2017

Writer: Jeff Lemire, Charles Soule
Artist: Leinil Francis Yu
Colorist: David Curiel
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Mutants are running out of time. Beast has failed to find them a cure for the m-pox and the terrigen cloud is going to make them extinct. The X-men have decided to attack the Inhumans because they have no other choice. 

This issue we see the Inhumans getting ready to take on the X-Men who are invading New Attilan. Things get pretty intense as the battle gets underway and the Inhumans realize that some of their heavy hitters are missing in action.

The level of fun and excitement this issue brought was incredible. I loved seeing the Inhumans scramble and the X-Men continuously be one step ahead of them. This is the X-Men we have come to love and it is great to finally see them back. This is still the start of the event so things wont always go so smoothly for the X-Men but for now they are dominating this war.

I found myself cheering out loud a lot during this issue. Just when you thought some of the Inhumans were going to get away, one of the X-Men would show up and stop them. It's like they have thought of everything and the Inhumans have no chance. This issue was a quick read but every battle we got to see what well executed and fit the characters. The fight with Sabretooth was one of my favorites. It really showed how the mutants are all in on this battle. Also there was a moment at the end of this issue that I was like "ha ha you're f@$#ed stupid Inhumans!"

The art work again is top notch and what we would expect from a major event like this. The level of detail and the layout of the panels are amazing. It helps to keep a smooth pace and many of the reveals have that much more of an impact from the level of detail in each panel.

This event is definitely a must read. It is jam packed full of fun and excitement and it's only just the beginning. 


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