Aquaman #14

by Ryan.L on January 04, 2017

Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Philippe Briones
Colorist: Gabe Eltaeb
Publisher: DC Comics

N.E.M.O. has cause the United States to go to war with Atlantis. No Matter the efforts Aquaman and his people make they cannot get the U.S. to believe them that they are being set up. The U.S. is now upping their game.

This issue we see the U.S. release a special new black ops team the Aquamarines. They are being sent into Atlantis to assassinate Arthur and anyone else that stand in their way.

This issue really impressed me and I was happy to see that it is consistently one of the best books DC has been releasing. There is an intensity that Dan Abnett brings us with Aquaman. Even during those more somber moments you're still on edge because the tension is so high and the stakes even more so. 

There is a moment in this issue when Arthur addresses the nation of Atlantis and it felt like it was right out of a a movie or show like House of Cards on Netflix. It was so awesome and I found myself cheering Arthur on even more. It's moments like this that make me continue to love this series.

The action sequences again are laid out perfectly and Pilippe Briones art just jumps off the page, the very last page especially. There is also a splash page of Mera that really blew me away with how incredible it looked. I'm not one for spin off series but Mera is such a uniqe character I would love to even just have a mini-series penned by Abnett to dive more into about her.

There was one this that I was not a fan of this issue for. The Aquamarines were some what cheesy for me. Hybrid human/animal or in this case fish and other sea creatures just wasn't working for me. It's something we used to see in the 80s and 90s a lot. The only way for a villain to combat the heroes was to make his own versions. I get that humans don't do well underwater but I feel like the U.S. would have come up with something much better than making these mutated soldiers.

Dan Abnett has crafted an incredible new direction for Aquaman, and this arc I hope is the first of many to help this series to shine. I highly suggest you pick this one up and all the previous issue in the Deluge story arc. It is becoming a definitive story in Aquaman's history.


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